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Puerto Rico's Wooden Saints : Images of  
Saint Francis of Assisi
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Luís Nieves Román

José A. Román

Evaristo González

Luís Nieves Román

Carlos Santiago


Who was St. Francis of Assisi?  
He is the patron saint of Italy, of animals and of the environment, who lived during the 13th century. He founded the order of the Franciscans.
     He did believe that the external world was inherently good as a sign and revelation of God's providence and goodness, its purpose being to inspire our respect and love. More remarkable is his belief in the universal ability and duty of all creatures to praise God, and the duty of all men to cherish and protect God's divine creation of the natural world. 
How is St. Francis represented in the Puerto Rican tradition of wooden saints? Because of the affection St Frances showed to animals and the power that he was said to have over them, it is usual to represent him in monk's attire surrounded by birds, often on his shoulders and between his hands, or at his feet; and with other animals at his feet.