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Puerto Rico's Wooden Saints: Images of  
The Archangel Michael
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Carlos Santiago
Artist's Collection
Who is the Archangel Michael?
Saint Michael is one of the seven archangels and is among the three who's name actually appears in the bible. The other two are the Archangels Gabriel and Rafael. In the Old Testament, Michael appears as the great defender of the people of God against the devil and for his powerful and continuing protection in the New Testament. 
       Since early Christianity, the church has venerated Saint Michael as the angel that vanquished the devil Satan and his followers, and cast him from heaven by means of a sword of fire. He is traditionally recognized as the guardian of the Christian armies against the enemies of the Church and as protector of Christians against diabolical powers, especially at the hour of death.
The image of Archangel Michael in Saint-carving
Appropriately, he is represented in saint-carving, as well as in art as the warrior angel, the conqueror of Lucifer, placing his heel on the head of the infernal enemy. , threatening him with a sword, running him through with a lance or ready to chain him him up to cast him into the abyss of hell forever. Alternately, in his other hand he holds either a chain or a set of weighing scales to signify that he is the final guide of souls into heaven and the angel of final judgment.