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Santos de Palo de Puerto Rico: Imágenes de
Santa Lucía
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Notes on the worship of Saint Lucy
Lucía means: "bearer of light." This saint is represented as offering a plate with two eyes on it, following the ancient tradition that her eyes had been taken out for proclaiming her faith in Jesus. The fact that she is represented this way may be due to the significance of her name. We can understand that the representation of Lucy's eyes on a plate follows the significance of her name and the sense that through our eyes we can follow the same path as she did with hers. For this reason, she "offers us her eyes" so we can utilize them as she did. For centuries her name has been invoked to cure diseases of the eyes.
How is Saint Lucy represented in the tradition of Puerto Rican wooden saints?
Saint lucy is represented in both paintings and printed images, as well as in the wooden saint tradition with a palm frond--signifying her martyrdom--in one hand and a plateSe representa a Santa Lucía con la palma del martirio en una mano, y con un plato con dos ojos incrustados en la otra: una imagen horrorifica que hizo popular la Iglesia primitiva